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About the Partnership

Sheffield Children and Young People's 0-19+ Partnership

The 0-19+ Partnership covers all services to children and young people aged 0–19, and beyond 19 for looked after children and those with one or more disabilities or special educational need. The Board aims to help to achieve the Every Child Matters outcomes for children and young people:

  • be healthy (physical and mental health and emotional well-being);
  • stay safe (protection from harm and neglect);
  • enjoy and achieve (education, training and recreation);
  • make a positive contribution (the contribution made by them to society); and,
  • achieve economic well-being (social and economic well-being).

 The partners believe that by working together Sheffield can develop improved services for children and young people in the city. The Board has the power to recommend its agreed policy to member organisations. Each member organisation will remain accountable for its statutory responsibilities.

The Board consists of executive level representatives from each of the organisations in the partnership, chaired by the Cabinet Member for Children's Services. Although accountable to their own organisations on any particular issue, members are expected to have regard to the best interests of children and young people in the city. There will be cross representation with other Partnership Boards within the Sheffield First family of partnerships and with other significant groups.

The 0-19+ Partnership has evolved since it was established in 2002, and this has been in response to the Children Act 2004 and statutory guidance and regulations released by the Department for Children, Schools and Families (DCSF) in March 2010 (Children’s Trusts: Statutory guidance on cooperation arrangements, including the Children's Trust Board and the Children and Young People's Plan).

The 0-19+ Partnership welcomes suggestions for the use of the website to improve communications about services for children and young people in the City. To discuss any ideas you have please contact

The Children and Young People's 0-19+ Partnership is part of the Sheffield First Family of Partnerships for the City of Sheffield.