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Future Shape Children's Health

The partner agencies in Sheffield including Sheffield City Council, NHS Sheffield, Sheffield Children’s Hospital Foundation Trust, STHFT(Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust), GPs and South Yorkshire Police have come together to ensure that Children’s Health and Wellbeing is prioritised in this time of change.

The only way that we will ensure that children’s health and wellbeing is prioritised, protected and improved is if we all work together, which is why we are supporting you to work in a more integrated way, and encouraging you to make more effective use of your time to help improve health outcomes across the city for our children, their families and the communities they live in.

‘Future Shape Children’s Health and Wellbeing’ is the initial blueprint for our city strategy. It is being driven by a programme board chaired by the Director for Children’s Services, Sonia Sharp, and the Chief Executive of the Sheffield Children’s Hospital Foundation Trust, Simon Morritt. All partners are represented at the board.

By working together, we will improve children’s health and wellbeing in this turbulent time of budget reductions and structural change. By creating new ways of working we will also identify opportunities to make financial savings.

 As a board and as the city’s leaders, we want you to adopt the priorities laid out in the children’s health blueprint: 

  • Reduce health inequality for children in the most deprived areas
  • Reduce infant mortality
  • Increase uptake of childhood immunisation targets
  • Reduce the number of under 5’s A & E attendances
  • Reduce smoking rates in expectant mothers
  • Improve children’s dental health
  • Increase the rate of breastfeeding across the city
  • Reduce teenage conceptions
  • Reduce obesity in children and young people
  • Improve children’s emotional wellbeing and development
  • Positively impact educational attainment in Early Years, and reducing school absence by improving levels of children’s health across the city

 We fully support you to take the time to help us work towards this, and encourage you to make decisions at a local level to deliver against these priorities. You have our trust and confidence to:

  • Share relevant information with partners and families
  • Work with the ‘whole’ family not just the presenting issue
  • Develop community based services that are easily accessible to local people
  • Advise and guide parents to increase parental confidence and capacity
  • Make every contact, with every family/child count
  • Take ownership of the child and their family
  • Target the resources you have at those most vulnerable

 If as a city we are to achieve the best outcomes for our children and families, it will be due to our shared ownership of their issues and the willingness to work together in a flexible and responsive way. We intend to keep all staff informed and involved so further updates will follow, however, in the meantime, if you would like more information about the programme of work or the board, please visit  S19-Home/professionals/0to19partnershipboard.html

If you would like the most up-to-date information about the programme, please read our Programme Update below. If you would like a full list of current Board Attendees with details of the Partnership Organisations, please see the Final Communication's Statement below. There is also a Programme Overview document which outlines the visions, targets and outputs for the Future Shape Children's Health Programme.

For further information about the work of the Future Shape Children's Health Programme, call Sarah Homer, Programme Manager on 0114 2053404 or email